Probe design is a critical step in target enrichment for next-generation sequencing (NGS). Hybridization probes have to be expertly designed to get the best possible coverage of regions of interest. Optimal probe design also provides the ability to access difficult genomic regions, obtain uniform capture and greater fold-enrichment of target regions.HyperDesignis a new custom design tool that combines our new KAPA probe technology with Roche’s renowned expertise in probe design. With a new intuitive interface that can guide you through the design process, theHyperDesign Toolprovides a simple and streamlined probe design experience. You can start with a gene name, commonly used sequence identifiers, genomic coordinates or your bed files to custom design your probes.

Features and Benefits of HyperDesign Tool

  • Empowers researchers to custom design probes using Roche’s proven algorithm and renowned probe design expertise
  • User friendly with an intuitive interface, allowing multiple design development in parallel
  • Easier and streamlined process with less steps, integrated designer support, quick access to results and ability to access design round the clock

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The HyperDesign Tool replaces NimbleDesign.