Roche COVID-19 response

On Wednesday 11th March the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a pandemic in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. This is a serious health situation and we extend our sympathies to people who have lost loved ones, to patients and healthcare professionals. We recognise that the public and private sectors across the globe need to work together to help effectively manage this developing situation.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve rapidly and we are doing everything we can to contribute. Our people are working day and night to increase wherever possible the supply of key tests and medicines, we are partnering with local authorities and organisations to support front line healthcare providers, and we are continuing to help make sure that patients - many of whom have very serious illnesses - receive the treatment and care they need.


COVID-19 Testing


Investigating treatment options


Our people

Under exceptional conditions around the world, colleagues at Roche are doing everything they can to ensure that patients – many of whom have very serious illnesses – receive the treatment and care they need and that we keep a complex value chain of diagnostics and medicines going and ensure continuity of care for other conditions.

While we respond to COVID-19, we also continue to deliver medicines and diagnostics wherever possible for patients across a broad range of other disease areas under exceptional conditions.

Public and private sectors across the globe must work together to address this challenge.

In these exceptional times, Roche stands shoulder to shoulder with governments, healthcare providers and all those working to overcome the pandemic.

The most important thing is our individual contribution to help flatten the curve by minimising the risk of infection. This is crucial, as it relieves the healthcare systems and helps patients around the world.”

Severin SchwanCEO of the Roche Group