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你想知道我是如何得到我今天的地方,谁在我的路上支持我?答案很简单:一个令人敬畏的团队,一个独特的公司文化以及众多机会和支持个人发展。让我向你介绍我的故事。10年罗氏 - 这就是为什么:

finishin后g my apprenticeship in 2012, I was very proud to be given the opportunity to stay at Roche. For about four years I worked in Operational Procurement and was especially happy to spend three months in Penzberg. Working in Germany as Procurement Manager strengthened my passion for this area and so I decided to do a further, corresponding education. During the whole time I was always absolutely overwhelmed by the great support from my team and line manager. Today I'm still in Global Procurement (previously called Strategic Procurement), working on various projects within different business units. I enjoy learning new things every day and being in touch with so many people, enables me getting great insights in the whole industry as well as for instance also technical topics. Now, I really feel like understanding, how Roche as an organization works and how we improve our patients’ lives. And this is, what my works really makes interesting.

In my years in Procurement at Roche, we had many reorganizations. At first this might sound bad. But due to the reorganizations I have now a good knowledge within different topics, which I wouldn't have otherwise. They also gave me the opportunities to work in different areas, for example in other categories or various projects I'm interested in. Going through reorganizations I also developed myself as a person. And I'm still here and loving it ;)

在罗氏10年 - 我还在爱它:)


In my job as Sourcing Specialist for IT & Telecom within the Indirect Procurement I don’t have a direct connection to our customers or our patients. However, in our daily work in bringing value to our internal customers, I definitely see, that the patient is in the center of the process. The faster our internal customers get their services or products, the sooner they can work on what patients really need. We try every day to bring the most value to our internal customers, therefore also our daily decisions are customer-value-driven.




在罗氏内,有很多来自不同国家和文化的人。它没有更轻松的工作,但绝对更有趣。从字面上,世界各地罗氏的每个人都可以与您联系并支持您 - 无论部门,水平还是国家都在线。所以我也可以从其他文化中学到学习和效益如何处理他们可以从我这里学习的东西。我的团队例如是一种欧洲混合,具有很多气质,当然并非每一个讨论都很容易处理不同的文化。然而,我觉得很舒服,因为我看到它让我们前进。