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Eco? Logical! Together for more sustainability

Less waste, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions - these are just some of the areas in which Roche has already achieved much in terms of sustainability. The Mannheim site, for example, obtains its electricity exclusively from wind and solar energy, while the wastewater treatment plant in Penzberg purifies the wastewater so well that you could swim in it: it exceeds the EU requirements for bathing water and can therefore be fed into the neighboring river Loisach after treatment. In addition, the purification plant produces sewage gas, which is then converted into energy by a combined heat and power plant. The wastewater purification thus covers 45 % of the electricity consumption at the site. But the company has also set itself ambitious goals for the future, such as reducing CO2 emissions from our corporate activities and the generation of purchased energy to zero by 2050.

在这里,我们的两个环境经理讨论了他们如何支持罗氏的努力实现这些目标 - 我们每个人都可以做些什么来进一步减少我们的生态足迹。


roche, germany, careers, people, blog
After my apprenticeship as a chemical laboratory assistant at Roche and my master's degree in biochemistry and biotechnology, I was drawn to the Environmental Protection Department in 2019. Here I am in charge of the environmental management system at the site and also deal with issues related to biosafety. This is probably rather unusual given my career so far, but I wanted to express my joy in environmental protection in my professional life as well.
Franziska Gabriel.



提交的项目理念和会员数据显示:优惠很受欢迎!在自中国基金会以来的前七周,已经提交了40多个提案,其中一些提案已经实施。例如,一项成功是我们的数据库,其中列出了研究和开发领域的化学品,并可在实验目的共享或传递。bob下载地址这减少了浪费和重新思考回收。目前正在计划用于办公室和实验室的实验室设备和消耗品的东西 - 包括纸张,打印机和培养皿。

With the BirdGuards project, employees have also set themselves the goal of creating more habitats for regional bird species and bats at the Mannheim site.

roche, germany, careers, people, blog
After my commercial apprenticeship and community service, I started working in logistics at Roche in 2005. When a position in environmental management was advertised in 2013, I successfully applied there. Parallel to my work, I attended a distance learning school to become an environmental technician and auditor. In 2017, I was eventually appointed as hazardous materials officer for the Penzberg plant. I am thus able to integrate my private interest in environmental protection and sustainability and to link all relevant topics with each other in my professional life.
Michael Bauer.





Roche employees know best about processes and potential for improvement in their respective departments. It is therefore important for us that we offer everyone the opportunity to become actively involved in the EcoLogicals for more sustainability. After all, although Roche has already achieved a great deal, it takes each and every one of us to make a difference and implement the environmental goals at the individual sites - no matter how small each individual action may seem. Because many small steps become meters, suddenly kilometers and eventually a marathon.