Balancing work and life

Our approach to promoting work–life balance varies from country to country. But it is always based on a common straightforward principle: we want to help our employees perform to their full potential.

Flexible working arrangements help our employees balance life and work and are therefore an important element in meeting the individual needs of our increasingly diverse workforce. Wherever possible, we meet employees' requests for special working conditions, offering arrangements that may include:

  • 兼职,Flexi-Time / Flexi退休,职位分享,从家庭,休假和父母假期工作的男女
  • childcare facilities such as kindergartens and childcare centres
  • 帮助员工结合他们的职业和家庭角色的其他条款


Flexible working allows an employee to adapt their working time and practices to suit their individual situation, within the legal environment of a country and in alignment with business needs or the specific job requirements.




We also organize ‘Live Well. Find your balance.’ a wellbeing week held at sites once a year to promote awareness of and education about healthy lifestyles, nutrition, emotional wellbeing as well as resources offered by Roche to its employees.

Managing organisational change


Whenever we adapt to new circumstances or make changes to improve our business, we respond proactively to ensure respectful, responsible treatment for employees who are affected.

Supporting employees during organizational change

We inform employees who will be affected as soon as possible and provide appropriate assistance and support during a period of organisational change. This includes comprehensive social plans that may include the following:

  • 再培训和重新部署选项
  • 遣散计划
  • 出placement services and counselling
  • access to career centres

To keep our valued employees our support measures include relocation, retention incentives and new career orientation support. Our packages are also always in line with local and legal regulations and customs.


Safeguarding our employees and the communities in which we are located is a key priority for Roche. Prevention of and/or preparedness in the event of an emergency are essential safety activities and part of our normal company operating procedures.


We maintain high standards to ensure the safety, security, health and environment for our employees and the communities we live. This is accomplished through the responsible, methodical work of our SHE (safety, health and environment) department. We strive for continuous improvement and integration in SHE wherever possible and economically viable.

All operations are periodically audited to assess safety levels, to identify gaps and to define improvement measures and to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory regulations.

more about our SHE policy



We employ around 600 people in safety, health and environmental protection. SHE teams at each Roche site identify risks, develop mitigation plans and communicate policy and guidelines to employees and other stakeholders.


Achieving high safety levels


Should a safety incident occur, we immediately dispatch well trained and equipped crisis management and emergency response teams.

Protecting employee health

At Roche we recognize a safe workplace as a human right. We are committed to prevent and mitigate identified risks. By way of example every affiliate performs a workplace health risk assessment and has a mitigation plan, including appropriate measures in place.

We establish occupational health standards at the corporate level that must be respected even if they exceed local regulations. Our standards are very prescriptive for matters specific to Roche, such as exposure standards for substances manufactured exclusively by Roche. We also follow best practices in areas such as ergonomics and protection from physical hazards. Our activities are also influenced by local law and culture.

Every site has a local Occupational Health function. It acts as an advisor to local management and supervises the implementation of local regulations, corporate standards and recommendations.

Additionally, in areas such as mental health and health promotion, the Occupation Health function offers employees in many locations counselling services and employee assistance programs.